Jul 26, 2019
👩‍🎓Student Scholarships
Student Scholarships Presentation

July 26 the Novato Rotary Club meeting will recognize and award all scholarships checks to 27 students from Novato, San Marin NOVA and Marin Oaks seniors. Invited to that meeting are parents of the award winners plus those who have donated scholarships. 

Rotarians will be able to meet and congratulate these future leaders.
The Rotary Club of Novato has awarded $30,000 in scholarships to 6 graduating seniors from Novato High School as part of their ongoing support to the youth of our community. In total this year they have awarded twenty-seven scholarships totaling $63,000 to seniors at San Marin, Novato , Marin Oaks and NOVA high schools. The scholarships were funded by Rotarian's and community leaders. To learn how to donate to this fund for future scholarships, visit the Novato Rotary Club website: www.novatorotary.org